Hotel Hedonist

Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.

Izložba u Pančevu

"Leafing throught the newspapers is forbidden!" - a notice at a number of newsstands, one in a series of warnings that remind us that, if we cannot afford the package, we are not entitled to the content either. Yes, if you're not a client, but merely a recipient, there's no place for you there.

In an environment that is becoming a means of consumerist view of sense, there is a growing tendency of seeing any activity solely through the commercial prism. It is either profitable or not.

Coincidentally or not, activities that are commonly characterized as unprofitable are exactly the indigenously human, which has made mankind what it is Art, primarily, as the archaic and most primal of man's attempts to explain the world.

And that it seems, is noncompetitive, unprofitable and unnecessary.

For more than thirty years the Gallery of Contemporary Art of the Pančevo Cultural Centre was situated in Štapska (Headquarters) building (from 1976 to 2012).

Today, this space serves as a restaurant, tailored to the needs and demands of the market.

This Paper is trying to regain a trace of art in space that it once belonged to.

It should remind us, as clients and recipients, that art is still surviving. That it will go on surviving. And that we should differentiate the priceless from the profitable.