What is this exhibition about?
About different feelings. This house is an exhibition. Everything was happening here. It was light, dark, and bright again. There are always changes.
When I first entered this house, I wanted to remember the first man who was here slept.
This exhibition is not intended to be in the classic setting of paintings and lights, but as the opportunity to follow the spirit of the house and make new stories...

About the name of the exhibition
The name of the exhibition is actually a paradigm of the time in which we live. We are torn and divided between these two extremes. We have had this dilemma for a long time, somewhere deep inside whether we live in the worst time and in the worst place or is it the other way around. Friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances who go to live and work abroad, and others who they return the same and with the wisdom of the returnees contribute to that image and dilemma. It stays for everyone of us to form our own court. It is our job to highlight the extremes between which we as a society move. A great ecological theme pervades all this. On top of all ours dilemma, there are also foreigners who come to visit wanting to stay and go alive, painting for us us portrait and landscape as one of the last bastions, some "old-fashion" interpersonal relationships, some universal values ​​that are slowly disappearing in a whirlpool new times.


Thanks for not smoking inside