New Home – Factory

New Home - Factory

Tatjana Milošević, art installations and drawings in "Novi dom" (New Home) factory in Belgrade.
Each of us spends a life full of endless wandering in search of a place to settle. Sometimes we find  it in a city, a street, a room, a chair, a street corner or someplace where we find the inner peace. A geographical point where life ends.

Hence, the work of Tatjane Milošević wanders. It quests for perfect space for presentation, an ideal location for expression of her talent and merit. At last her aptitude for saying so much in a few line strokes takes new, unexpected and unique dimension in the deserted space of Novi Dom factory. That fragile and gentle nevertheless furious and vexed girl screaming from her settles in perfect surroundings to express everything that she feels. The walls of the deserted factory that are hiding secrets, become endless canvases on which she is free to put her mark driven by emotions. Her drawings resuscitate ghostly interior, which when brought back to life, have unique meaning different from omnipresent gloom. Girls, captured within the walls, are transformed to benevolent zombies, interning Tanja's emotions on the spot.

The deserted factory as a symbol of perdition of romanticized ideal of formerly powerful country Yugoslavia, where we felt content and tucked in, she portrays with stunning characters that flow from rundown walls, decorating them with messages from deep within herself. She permanently closes one chapter to open a fresh one, only to find that its topic is the current moment of our lives which reminds us of the past generations that decay like former Yugoslavia did, but with greater cruelty.