Shiny Gloss

Try me.... shiny gloss

Exhibition Shiny Gloss

The content of mass culture is always reflected on the forming of  an individual approach, as towards the social values, also towards other individuals. The principals of demand and supply of the consumer culture are reflected on the public relations, exposing them to its rules.

As the visual expresion of this trend I would use multiplie enlarged replicas of the make up testers, in a border of painting and object, which simbolize the relation between mass consumption and a human being as a part of the process.

In this content, tester becomes a parabole of public relations, outgrowing it’s common use The way people “test” each other, disturbing the thin layers of the superficial, and creating a foggy surface.

The model of the tester can be used also on the module of “shaping of the social values”, lifting or destroying its pillars in relation to the needs of cultural “ millier” to which they belong.

Metaphorically expresses rejection of until recently actual trends and patterns of the behavior, just like already used and boring the testers, and accepting with greed new shades of values - until these values are stripped down and brought to stains.

It becomes a chanted circle of the search for the non-existed Grail, which humans recognize in brands, famous people and trends, identifying themselves to them or at the same time searching for a way to destroy them, with the aim of becoming closer.